ICEP Miami | A Church For The Community


We believe that the Bible is literal and directly

inspired by God which reveals His plan and design

for mankind. From Genesis to Revelation, God spoke

to us in literal terms.

     The Bible



We believe in the one true God,

who has been revealed to us in three persons.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Simply put, we believe Jesus Christ is 100% God & 100% man.





We were first created good, until man fell when Adam chose to disobey

God in the Garden of Eden. Once this happened, evil and death

entered the world, both physically and spiritually.




Every person can restore their relationship with

God through salvation, which is by trusting in Christ

as your savior, thereby repenting of your sins.



We believe and practice two scripturally based ordinances.


1. Baptism in water, which is done after repenting

and receiving the gift of salvation.


2. Holy Communion, in memory of our covenant

with God through Christ who suffered until death for our salvation.



The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a special experience,

independent and after salvation, that every believer should

seek as the early church did in Acts 1. This filling of the

Holy Spirit gives us the power we need to become witnesses

and effectively serve for God's kingdom as seen

throughout the New Testament.





Holiness is not caused from one day to another.

Instead, once a person is saved by grace, God begins

a gradual process of making us more like Christ

and less like ourselves.



We believe that The Church has a God given mission.

As the Church of God, we must seek and save

those lost in sin. It is also our duty as a church to disciple

these believers and teach them God's word.

    The Church






Fellowship is important amongst other Christians. God clearly tells us in Scripture that we are to love each other wholeheartedly. As the body of Christ we must fellowship, edify, and meet the needs of others with love and compassion.




Being healed by God is a privilege that believers can experience today.

Different from being temporarily healed, God promises us

that we will be whole and healed for eternity when we enter Heaven.

This is only possible because of the sacrifice Jesus did for us on the cross.






The Rapture is when God takes His Church on Earth

with Him to Heaven. We believe that this event will take place

before Jesus returns to Earth for His second coming.



Escuela Dominical 10am | Thursday English Service 8pm

Iglesia Centro Evangélico Pentecostal  | 90 NW 27 AVE Miami, FL 33125