ICEP Miami | A Church For The Community


Here at ICEP Miami we have a wide range of different ministries all pointing towards the same goal, to glorify God. Not sure what you can do to help? Come and ask us, we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

The health of a church depends on what is taught there. We take learning serious at ICEP, no matter what age, we have material tailored for you and your children. Interested in getting deeper into God's word? Well good news! We also offer immersive Biblical institute classes.


We are all called by God to share what we so graciously received from Him the day we were saved. Evangelism is a duty every Christian must fulfill, but if your passion resides deeply in sharing the gospel, this is you ministry. We plan events in a range of different public locations and witness to the lost in a loving and inviting way.

Miami faces the same problems that all major cities face which includes a high percentage of poverty striken familes. God teaches us that it is better to give than recieve. If your heart burdens for these people, they would greatly appreciate your help. Twice a week we are able to feed the homeless in our local area. We also plan events to give out backpack to students, and food to the less fortunate during the holidays.

Impact Our Community

The initial church that Jesus founded was a missionary church. That being said, we know how important this ministry is and look not only to share the gospel in our city, but share the gospel to other countries. If you missed our latest mission trip, no need to worry, we are always planning for the next one.

God's Spirit moves in unimaginable ways during worship and we know a church can't be complete without a proper worship team. Yes we may be a small church, but we know how to have fun! We also know it's not just about having fun, but opening our hearts to God in worship. Everyone is a part of this worship team whether you are at the front with a mic at hand, or in your chair with hands held high.


This is one of our most widely recognized ministries from ICEP Miami. We are passionate about sharing the gospel through these arts, and always look for new and creative ways to bring them together. If you haven't seen one of our large productions, then you haven't fully seen ICEP!

David the psalmist danced for the Lord, so at ICEP we also enjoy the art of expressive worship to God through dance. Our team is dedicated to dancing wholeheartedly for God's glory and tirelessly practices and seeks inspiration to continue to do so in new uplifting ways.


Our tech team is one of the newest ministries at ICEP, but ever since it's start has been working profusely to catch up to modern times. We are constantly seeking new ways to use technology as a better platform to sharing the gospel. Have a passion for technology? Then come use your talent to better glorify God!

Escuela Dominical 10am | Thursday English Service 8pm

Iglesia Centro Evangélico Pentecostal  | 90 NW 27 AVE Miami, FL 33125